Glebe Island Bridge Update March 2021

The future of Glebe Island Bridge and its restoration is looking a lot more promising since the announcement by NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes of the Bays West Strategy Plan for the development of the White Bay and the restoration of the White Bay Power Station. An important part of that plan’s accessibility and maintaining the area’s heritage is the restoration of the  Glebe Island Bridge as an active transport route. The Plan has an emphasis on the importance of the development of the area being sympathetic to it’s heritage which of the Glebe Island Bridge is an important feature. The draft plan is available on the planning website

Glebe Island Bridge

There is the opportunity to attend information sessions about what is proposed and also to make comments and a submission about what is proposed. We encourage people to do both.

We have campaigned for many years against the demolition by neglect of the Glebe Island Bridge and for its restoration and rejuvenation. When it was heritage listed in 2013 we were optimistic that restoration would happen but the opposite occurred and it has slowly been falling down. Parts of the wooden structure are falling into the harbour and since a storm last year markers have been put around the centre structure to warn boats away so that more damage does not occur. We need to keep the pressure on Transport NSW to start restoration and repair so that more of the bridge is not destroyed.

We ask for your continued support to make sure this happens.

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